A Broader Perspective

This year I have followed a path in my personal research that has broadened my perspective.  

Previously, my interest was in technology, data processing, and artificial intelligence converging to provide us tools to help us make better decisions.  In the financial service realm, this tool would take the form of a personal financial management tool to help us capture more value as we purchase products and services and keep more of what we earn as we make the purchasing decision.

This year I presented on the future of privacy and data security in financial services at the World Future Society conference.  The interest the topic generated and took me aback and I began to think about the amount of privacy and personal data sharing consumers are willing to undergo for convenience.  I also began to think about the bubble being created around each of our online experiences based on the data trails we leave online.

Finally, in October I was fortunate to attend The Futures School put on by Kedge Consulting which gave me exposure to the art of foresight.  From these experiences, I have settled on becoming a student on the future of consumption – what we consume, how we consume it, how we educate ourselves on products and services, what data we’re willing to provide in exchange for the “best” products and services for us, and the concerns we have in sharing personal data.

The conversation I hope to promote is one of trust – how we as consumers, businesses looking to build relationships with consumers, and policymakers who need to establish policy to govern the online world a resource of information, attitudes, emerging values, and implications of possible futures.

I look forward to your comments.